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Wall Street Gifts Blog


We have just added four new colors and removed 4 colors from our 80 color assortment of the traditional ceramic piggy bank. We removed the neon colors - they were just too difficult - streaking, spotty - bottom line - not good. These are the four new colors. Teal, midnight blue and baby blue. That makes 15 shades of blue. The baby blue is the shade of blue one thinks of with a new baby, a soft pastel blue. Midnight blue is a shade lighter than our Navy, Navy is a glossy shade. Midnight Blue is a satin finish. Teal is descriptive in itself. The fourth color we added is a fascinating color. A new shade of pink. It has a pearl finish which doesn't exist in any of our other 0 colors. A soft pink, pearly shade. Quite unique. Ib the GREEN BAR if you click on PIGGY BANKS, you can click on PINK and see the new shade. Click on BLUE for the new colors.


Charles Krautheimer is someone who made a difference. When trying to think of which of our 1500 items best described him, we decided on this piggy bank. We created the bank with the story of the starfish as our basis. Not exactly a direct connection but, our message is "thank you, Charles, with making a difference." DB7505 is its SKU and can be found under our artist original piggy banks.


Our artist, Debbie, created this wonderful piggy bank a few years ago. With today's news it seems very timely. Debbie encircled the pig with children of different colors (DB7635) and sizes. Who doesn't want the best for the Children of the World? The decison - how to accomplish that.


Congrats to Brooks! check out our golf items. If I were Brooks, what would I like? Perhaps, a golfer bookend. They're special.  Lots of trophies including including a Hole in One (GD925). Wonder how many Hole in Ones Brooks Koepka has made in his career. Felt good too that Justin and he are such good friends. June 15, 2018


Woke up in the middle of the night to see what was happening in Korea. Watched both leaders sign. What a fantastic first step. We sell many motivational gifts. One is Together We Can - great motivation as we hope to proceed (BS415). June 12, 2018

USA the Piggy Bank.....

Yes, we sell piggy banks. 80 colors & 3 sizes of the basic pig. Jumbo 55 inch traffic light bank and many more. Our ears perked up at hearing "piggy bank." Wouldn't guess that would be a word used by Trump....but, this weekend it was! Make sure you and your loved ones have piggy banks! You'll love our selection. Check out PIGGY BANKS on green bar on Home Page. June 8, 2018


Does your Dad have a globe? With all that's happening in the World, it's fun to see exact locations. You can even teach the kids or grandkids.A great learning experience for all. We have a category with nothing but globes from very inexpensive to very, very expensive. Check out GLOBES on the top green bar on our Home Page. June 2018


Wall Street Gifts is going to add lots of new items in June. One customer asked if we had Jazz statues. No, not on our site but we knew exactly where to go. Found 16 awesome Jazz statues and he bought 3. Never hurts to ask. The traffic light bank is back in stock. (FM8342) It lights up like a traffic light. One man can't decide if he wants it next to his bed as a nightlight or next to a chair in the liiving room He said it was awesome. Enjoy the next 3 days!  May 25, 2018


In 21 years, we've upgraded our Wall Street gifts web site many times. We just launched our new upgraded site in May.New design. New sites have errors. If you find one, please email service@wallstreetgifts.com, you can include link to problem page and/or explain the error. You can also give us suggestions for the site. May 2018