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Wall Street Gifts Blog


Did you see Oprah interviewing Melinda Gates? Melinda selects one word each year as a goal. The word for 2019 is SHINE. As Melinda stated you can SHINE yourself. You can help children in Africa SHINE. You can help your own children SHINE. And, my footnote, is that you can have your employees or customers SHINE. Check out our inspirational items - might be a perfect product you can give as a gift to help someone SHINE.


There is still a lot of talk that costs will increase 25% in March. Cost increases include all of our ceramic piggy banks, most of our sculptures and much more. It's hard to believe it will happen - but only time will tell. Factories in China are closed for February. Thus, any new merchandise we get from China is susceptible to the added 25% tariff. Just a heads up!


Had a great Holiday Season and we've sold out of our 13 inch, XXL ceramic piggy banks. These are the largest ceramic piggy banks made by anybody! Besides taking up more space in a kiln, this size is also difficult to make. Many shatter inside the kiln. Thus, the thickness of the ceramic is deeper than that of the 8 or 10 inch ceramic pigs. Wonderful BIG piggy banks that we offer in 80 colors. China closes down for most of February - thus, our next shipment won't arrive until early April. We leave the pigs on our site, so you can order now. Just realize you won't receive until April.


We added two new bear statues to Wall Street Gifts site this week. During the next month we will be deleting some items and adding new items as we realign our inventory.


Some believe "fake news" is CNN while others believe "fake news" is Fox News. Ignoring that debate this snippet is about reality. The cost of items shipping to us from China after 9-24-18 cost an additional 10% because of tariffs. As things are now, new tariffs will cause costs to increase another 25% on items from China in January. As January arrives, we'll know whether this is "fake news" or "actual."


You'll only find these piggy banks on our site. A birthstone piggy bank. Add money and the savings begin! Available in each of the 12 months birthstone colors. And, you can personalize! You will find all 12 birthstone banks under BANKS, BIRTHSTONE.


We have offered awards and trophies for 15 years. We have just updated all of our awards. We now show all of the sizes for each design. We've added a significant number of new designs. We gladly provide quotes for quantities. Sometimes the award can be motivational. We'll work with you to make your order as perfect as possible!


When I go to the library I frequently check out 10 books. Seldom read them all. Last time I took the book UNIFIED by Tim Scott & Trey Gowdy. You'll laugh when I tell you why I checked that book out. It's because I like Trey Gowdy's voice!  It's deep, vibrant and different.

This book has been a huge surprise. I recommend it. My favorite chapter is THE POWER OF A POSITIVE INFLUENCE. A thought provoking book about friendship. A book written by best friends.


Kelly is now offering all of her designs in 3 sizes. 8 inch Large. 10 inch Jumbo and the largest ceramic piggy bank made 13 inch. Measurement is from snout to tail. We have more than one artist. Debbie has been with us the longest - over a decade. Kelly is our newest artist and has been with us a year. You can find Kelly's pigs by searching for KW7 in the search box on the Home Page. All can be personalized. If you have a design idea, we can probably do it for you. Just ask!  orders@wallstreetgifts.com


Interesting decision Nike made regarding Colin Kaepernick. Positive comments CAN motivate. Not sure Mike will be experiencing that with this decision. We offer many unique motivational items. Check this one out. "The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving" Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841-1935). 



Our nation lost a true patriot. Didn't always agree with him - but always respected him. When I lived in Coronado CA one of John's best friends was in my Rotary Club - Ed Martin. Ed was one of John's "roommates" at the Hanoi Hilton. John spent a lot of time in Coronado - owned a home there. I was honored to meet him several times. One of the things I learned while talking to them, was the code they used to communicate with each other. A lot of the code was used to create recipes! And, when Ed and John were released, the first thing Ed wanted to do was cook all of the recipes they had created as a team at the Hanoi Hilton. Shows that looking towards tomorrow can help. 5-1/2 years. Ed became an Admiral - Johnn's father and grandfather were admirals. We have an entire category for Military Gifts. On Home Page, check out the subcategory of Military Gifts under UNIQUE..

LABOR DAY is approaching

Hard to believe summer is ending and school beginning. To remember summertime we highlight a FUN IN THE SUN with surfboard piggy bank designed by our artist  (Search for KW7108). And a SURFER trophy to make a surfer in your life feel special. (BS908). Both can be personalized.


Many of our bulls, horses and eagles can be purchased in copper or pewter electroplated. It is more difficult to do the pewter. The factory informs us they will not make the pewter color in the future. If you like pewter, now is the time to purchase. As inventory disappears, it will not be replaced.


We have just added four new colors and removed 4 colors from our 80 color assortment of the traditional ceramic piggy bank. We removed the neon colors - they were just too difficult - streaking, spotty - bottom line - not good. These are the four new colors. Teal, midnight blue and baby blue. That makes 15 shades of blue. The baby blue is the shade of blue one thinks of with a new baby, a soft pastel blue. Midnight blue is a shade lighter than our Navy, Navy is a glossy shade. Midnight Blue is a satin finish. Teal is descriptive in itself. The fourth color we added is a fascinating color. A new shade of pink. It has a pearl finish which doesn't exist in any of our other 0 colors. A soft pink, pearly shade. Quite unique. Ib the GREEN BAR if you click on PIGGY BANKS, you can click on PINK and see the new shade. Click on BLUE for the new colors.


Charles Krautheimer is someone who made a difference. When trying to think of which of our 1500 items best described him, we decided on this piggy bank. We created the bank with the story of the starfish as our basis. Not exactly a direct connection but, our message is "thank you, Charles, with making a difference." DB7505 is its SKU and can be found under our artist original piggy banks.


Our artist, Debbie, created this wonderful piggy bank a few years ago. With today's news it seems very timely. Debbie encircled the pig with children of different colors (DB7635) and sizes. Who doesn't want the best for the Children of the World? The decison - how to accomplish that.


Congrats to Brooks! check out our golf items. If I were Brooks, what would I like? Perhaps, a golfer bookend. They're special.  Lots of trophies including including a Hole in One (GD925). Wonder how many Hole in Ones Brooks Koepka has made in his career. Felt good too that Justin and he are such good friends. June 15, 2018


Woke up in the middle of the night to see what was happening in Korea. Watched both leaders sign. What a fantastic first step. We sell many motivational gifts. One is Together We Can - great motivation as we hope to proceed (BS415). June 12, 2018

USA the Piggy Bank.....

Yes, we sell piggy banks. 80 colors & 3 sizes of the basic pig. Jumbo 55 inch traffic light bank and many more. Our ears perked up at hearing "piggy bank." Wouldn't guess that would be a word used by Trump....but, this weekend it was! Make sure you and your loved ones have piggy banks! You'll love our selection. Check out PIGGY BANKS on green bar on Home Page. June 8, 2018


Does your Dad have a globe? With all that's happening in the World, it's fun to see exact locations. You can even teach the kids or grandkids.A great learning experience for all. We have a category with nothing but globes from very inexpensive to very, very expensive. Check out GLOBES on the top green bar on our Home Page. June 2018


Wall Street Gifts is going to add lots of new items in June. One customer asked if we had Jazz statues. No, not on our site but we knew exactly where to go. Found 16 awesome Jazz statues and he bought 3. Never hurts to ask. The traffic light bank is back in stock. (FM8342) It lights up like a traffic light. One man can't decide if he wants it next to his bed as a nightlight or next to a chair in the liiving room He said it was awesome. Enjoy the next 3 days!  May 25, 2018


In 21 years, we've upgraded our Wall Street gifts web site many times. We just launched our new upgraded site in May.New design. New sites have errors. If you find one, please email service@wallstreetgifts.com, you can include link to problem page and/or explain the error. You can also give us suggestions for the site. May 2018