July 4th Fundraiser

Are you hosting a July 4th Fundraiser? Let this piggy bank help you! You can even sell the pig to raise even more money. Pig is available in 3 sizes, large, jumbo and XXL. How much money are you trying to raise?


Going for It!

Dedicated to the 2017 French Open Women's Tennis Champion, Jelena Ostapenko Jelena had never won a professional tennis tournament - hadn't even made it past 3rd round. - Jelena had 54 winners AND 54 losers in final match. (Her opponent had 8 winners and 10 loser) Huge difference in aggressiveness. - Jelena was 19 years old when tournament began, is now 20. - Jelena was ranked #47 playing against the expected #1 in the World. She was unseeded in the French Open. Yet, before each point you saw Jelena talking to herself. You could tell it was positive - like GOING FOR IT! And, she kept herself positive. Knew the unforced errors had to exist to be able to win. Had to be aggressive. Going for IT! Determination could be perfect for you!. The road to success is seldom straight (as depicted here.)

Mother's Day Gift

Roses for Mom piggy bank. 

You can give your Mom roses, a piggy bank and money. Your choice. A lasting gift that lets your Mom know always how much you love her.

Roes for Mom Piggy Bannk

Oval Office Horse Statue

Do you think our horse sculpture looks like the horse sculpture one sees on TV in the Oval Office? Sure looks similar to me. Ours probably doesn't cost as much though!

21,000 Dow

21000...it was just a month ago that the Dow crossed that ever elusive 20000. Up 3,000 points since election results. Can you improve?

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