First Snow in USA

In Vermont, Killington Resort, which opened two trails Monday, was the first ski mountain in North America to open to the public this season. Season-pass holders broke in the runs Sunday.

Use our Ski Fund piggy bank created by our artist, Sharon, to save for new ski equipment or tickets! It's a cool looking pig with sprinkles on it representing snow.

The Lucky Bull

Wall Street's famous bronze bull, which is rubbed by traders for good luck, could sure use some loving right now. That's the first sentence in USA Today article today, October 21, 2015. The headline: Wall Street Bonuses Headed Lower.....

We offer that bull 17 ways - different sizes and colors. Buy yourself or a buddy your Good Luck bull today!Wall Street Bull

Small Businesses

As a C-Span junkie I like to hink I learn more facts than spin with them. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees are classified Small Businesses by our government.  We are a small business. Since the financial meltdown years ago, C-Span program had graphs showing the financial recovery of Big businesses and no recovery of Small. We wish everyone well. Here's a product from our Motivational area. Together We Can

Make a Difference -The Starfish Story

There was a young woman walking down a deserted beach just before dawn. In the distance, she saw a frail old woman. As she approached the old woman, she saw her picking up stranded starfish and throwing them back into the sea. The young woman gazed in wonder as the old woman again and again threw the small starfish from the sand to the water.


Over the years children will receive money that is NOT part of a clothing allowance or an allowance. A bank(s) can be used to save this.

Children can earn money by getting paid to baby sit for a neighbor, washing a car, mowing a lawn. I had a sister who made pies when she was in high school. My daughters, age 10, made cookies and sold them to neighbors when they were wanted new and fancier bicycles. This money should be split between the 3 categories, at a pre-determined percent: SPEND, SAVE, SHARE.

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