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Blue Medicine Painted Pony

Blue Medicine, Tewa and War Horse are my personal favorite ponies. This painted pony is special. 

We were the first E-commerce business for these delightful horses. We created a web site,, just for the ponies. Blue Medicine was introduced Winter 2004. Retired five years July 2009. Our pony is a first edition, 1E/2020. Last Blue Medicine pony was 7E/6289. Sadly, we have no box or tag.

As you can see the pony is a brilliant shade of blue. The fringe of the mane is movable. There are many handprints of different colors under the mane and many places on this pony. Two shafts of feathered arrows sit next to the base of the tail.The sash is made of the same material as the mane.The white on the sash appear to be tiny white beads. The base of the pony has had a lot of work to create it. Just gorgeous.

A gifted writer and painter, Mary Iron Eyes, Cherokee artist, wanted her Pony to stand not only as a work of art, but an "expression of healing and support for those in need in our community." Adorned with a tribal sash made of leather, shells and beads, decorated with individual handprints of children, Mary worked overtime to complete this "vision and personal prayer" before passing to the other side in the summer of 2003. 

The first number on the bottom of the Painted Pony is the Edition Number. This number will have an “E” after it (example: 1E, 2E, 3E). The second number refers to the number of that particular Painted Pony in reference to the Edition that it was created in. This number will be between 1 and 10,000, since there are 10,000 Painted Ponies in each Edition. This Blue Medicine pony was 12,020 produced. The final pony produced was 76,289. As you can see ours was one of the earlier ponies. Even though Mary Iron Eyes departed a year before this figurine was released her legacy continues.

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