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Additional Info

SKU JY1148
Material Bronze
Additional Info ships in 1-2 business days - plaque mailed separately
Dimensions 8 inch L x 6 inch H

Charging Bull Statue 8 Inch base

Charging Bull Statue. Ready to CHARGE!  When a bull lowers his head, he is placing his horns where they can do the most harm. As the bull raises it's head, the horns can gore anything near by. That is why a bull market goes up. The bull's horns go up. When the bull's horns go down, the bull is getting defensive. The bull is made of resin and has good body definition. The wood base can be customized with a plaque. 

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default: black plate with gold print

default: Arial

As easy as a band-aid & permanent - plaque via USPS in separate shipment

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