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Additional Info

SKU JY1151
Material Bronze
Additional Info ships in 1-2 business days - plaque mailed separately
Dimensions 9 inch L x 7.5 inch H. x 3 inch W

Charolais Cow Statue

Charolais Cow statue. Attention! This cow sculpture is fully cognizant of her surroundings. Made of resin the bone structure is quite visible. The neck has wrinkles and the facial expression is great. This particular breed is a Charolais. With a French origin, the Charolais breed has impacted the North American beef industry fairly significantly. Today Charolais tops all breeds in nearly every category of performance in the records of beef performance testing organizations. There is historical evidence that these cattle were being noticed as early as 878 A.D. A plaque could be placed on the base for personalization.

Even though this Charolais Statue is female, not male, the signifiance of the breed in the beef industry made us include the Charolais.

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As easy as a band-aid & permanent - plaque via USPS in separate shipment

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