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Our mission is to make YOU happy.

You have various ways of contacting us. Your best option is by email service@wallstreetgifts.com

You can also talk to us or leave a message in our Chat Room. You can fill out the Contact Form on line. Another choice is voicemail. 603-718-1632. We used to have specific customer service hours; however, we have changed. Our hours are flexible.   Customer Service might be working at Midnight or 6 AM rather than “normal” hours. Why?  Wall Street Gifts is a woman owned business. Our Customer Service people are Mom’s with small children. If they want to attend a soccer game, that’s OK with us.  They work the number of hours per day that we request – but they get to choose which hours. We are very good at responding to your questions in a timely manner.

Wall Street Gifts.com began 20 years ago! Our largest order was for $250K for a major brokerage firm. We will work with you to help you achieve your goals. Many time we can create an item just for you!

Shipping & Delivery

We ship via UPS for most packages. We ship USPS to APO addresses and for small packages like cuff links. We have worked with UPS to get the lowest possible rate. When you place your order, you are assigned a UPS tracking number.  If you log on immediately after you place your order, you will see that the tracking number shows your package has not left the warehouse. When UPS picks up the package and delivers it to their distribution center, you will receive a 2nd email letting you know that your package is en route to you. Even though the UPS driver may have picked up the package at Noon, it does not show it is en route to you until it reaches the distribution center later that night. We get a lot of emails asking why there is a tracking number that hasn’t left warehouse. The reason for this is most of our products are personalized and it takes time to personalize. Our system is automatic. You get your tracking number immediately.  Always remember, you will receive an email when it is shipped and that is when you want to log on and track it. Please read our Shipping information.

Privacy & Security

UPS requires your phone number in case the driver can’t find your location. Other than that – no one else gets ANY of your information from us. When we get your order, we only receive the last 4 digits of your credit card. That’s it. No expiration date. No code. It is impossible for us to charge your card.  The system does the charge at the time you order the item. There is no way anyone could ever get your information. Until the order has been paid for, we do NOT get the order.

Returns & Replacements

We will replace (if available) any defective or damaged items you have received. UPS requires that you inform us within 10 days from delivery date. Please read Return Policy for specifics. Our Return Policy will also tell you what to do if you want to return an item because you don’t want it. Personalized and customized items (including painted banks and artist original banks) cannot be returned. Please read our Return Policy.