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Even though our traditional ceramic piggy banks are kilned in China, we claim them as MADE IN USA. Car companies do the same. They use parts from elsewhere but assemble in US. All of the painting, decorating and personalizing of our piggy banks is done in the United States. That's why shipping takes 5-7 business days. We create the piggy bank after we receive your order so we can personalize it as you wish.


WALL STREET GIFTS has an amazing array of customer. Probably the widest variation is our piggy banks. Customers are: 1/3 high school graduate or younger, 1/3 college graduate, 1/3 graduate degree. Customer ages range from pre-teens to Great-Grandmothers. It's split about 50-50 male-female. Also many large companies like Parent Magazine, Bank of America, Charles Schwab. Bottom LIne - everyone is a potential piggy bank customer! In our Horse category we have sold to rodeo's, horse races and just poeple who are "horse" people. The Military adds to our sales too. Pentagon, M\Navy, Narine, Army, Coast Guard we've sold to them all. As an example, think of the Navy destrouer, The Halsey. Who was it named after? Bull Hulsey. What do they buy from us? Bulls!!! It's probably easier to guess our Wall Street Gifts customer. Of course, Merrill Lynch and other brokerage firms,various stock exchanges, individual stockbrokers and financial advisors. In 21 years we've had thousands and thousands of customers. We appreciate every one of them.


Our piggy banks have helped raise money many times. I'll give your 4 true stories.

#1 A traffic light bank was placed near a door in the hospital room of a small child with cancer. they had to empty the banks many times.

#2 A Hospital in State of Washington wanted expensive new equipment. They purchased SIXTY of our artist original piggy banks. No two were the same. Each pig was given to a department throughout the hospital. Each department created a "home" for their pig. Very creative. Every Thursday at 10 AM for 10 weeks someone from each depatment took their pig to the hospital lobby where they emptied their pig is a trough. Newspaper followed campaign. In 8 weeks TWICE their fundraising goal had been made! Wow!

#3 United Way purchased 20 of our 10 inch ceramic piggy banks in various colors. Each pig was the centerpiece of a table. Attendees were asked to empty their pockets and put money in the pig on their table. They made lots of money AND they then auctioned off each of the 20 piggy banks. They made more money than the pigs cost.

#4 Casino purchased 8, 10 and 13 inch pigs. Each pig a different color. Casino placed a bill in each pig.l Some only had $1...others had much more. Lottery tickets were sold and the winnder selected the bank they wanted. The pig was broken and the money was given. Doing this was their most successful contest. the did it for over a year.


Sadly both UPS and FEDEx changed the way they calculate shipping the first of 2015. This was a MAJOR change. I will use the example of our 8 inch, large, ceramic piggy bank. Due to the pig size, it is shipped in a corrogated carton that measures 10x10x10 inches (10 cube). For 10 years we shipped the bank in this carton and paid for THREE pounds, the ACTUAL weight of the pig/box. In 2015 this all changed. UPS now tells us the weight of the carton. Using historical data they have calculated that a 10 cube box weighs 7 lbs. We could ship a feather in the box or something that weighs 7 lbs - makes no difference. You pay for 7 lbs. That means that UPS has DOUBLED the cost of shipping this year. Since you now pay for 7 lbs and not 3 lbs. Yet, with all the consumer groups, we have seen no story about this. It got worse in 2018. UPS has decided the weight of a 10 cube box is 8 lbs, not 7. So shipping cost inceased again. Wish there was an altenative.

This has created difficult times for us too. When you place your order, UPS software calculates the cost of shipping. It creates a UPS label. That's why you get your tracking the moment your order is placed. When UPS picks up the shipment, it is delivered to a UPS distribution center. Once your package arrives at the distribution center your tracking number is updated to show package has been picked up.


Each item on the site has been linked to a personalization option. If engraving is the best, you will be given the engraving option. For many piggy banks, painting by hand is the option. Plaques can be adhered to most of our sculptures. Etc. For products that can be personalized, you will be able to add your information on the product page before you check out. If personalization is not possible, you see NO CUSTOMIZATION..


You need to purchase the logo - price varies, In "Talk to Us" box say: emailed jpg of logo to orders@wallstreetgits.com. The logo will be clearest on your product if what you email us will fit on item without major editIng. Logo needs to be in jpg format and sent as attachment..


This could be a big deal for you. You pay NO sales tax because we are a New Hampshire company. If you are shipping to Tennessee that means you are saving 9.44%, California 9.08%, Arizona 9.01%, Washington 8.6%, New York 8.5%, etc. (from Google: Best and Worst States for Sales Taxes By Tonya Moreno, CPA)

Your Phone Number

The phone number you provide is included on the UPS label so the UPS can call you if needed. List the phone number you are most likely to answer. We might also call you if we have a question about your order. NO ONE else will get your phone number from us. No one.

Your Credit Card Info

In order for your order to process it needs to be paid for. If not paid, we do not get the order. When we receive your order, we receive the last 4 digits of your credit card. that is all. We get no expiration date, no code. It is impossible for us to charge your account - or for anyone get your credit card info from us. You are totally secure.

Do banks have stoppers?

Yes, you can retrieve money from all banks we sell. If you don't want access to your savings, use Craxy Glue on the stopper. You'll then have to break pig to retrieve money.

What is size of slot on XXL 13 inch ceramic piggy bank?

It measures 1-3/4 inch long.


Is it possible to have personalization in Chinese? Perhaps, 100 of our items can be personalized with Chinese characters. Email us at: service@wallstreetgifts.com for further info.


Our platform is Magento. That is where all of our data is located. About 25% of all E-Commerce sites use Magento as their platform. E-Bay owns Magento.

Quantity Discounts

In our 21 years of existance our largest order was $250,000. Our smallest order $3.95 (for wrapping paper!) According to the item,  we may offer quantity discounts. You can request a discount by making request to orders@wallstreetgifts.com or in our Chat Room.

With quantities we can do special items too. We've put bases on items that didn't have a base. We've changed the size of a base. We've personalized a globe that can't be personalized. Ask the question - and we'll tell you if it's possible!

Customer Service

We began 21 years ago with Wall Street Gifts.com. For 17 years our customer service was from our warehouse. Four years ago we left California so you, our customer, would not pay sales tax. Customer Service hours have changed. We used to have 8-5 M-F. Now our customer service covers 7 days a week and various hours throughout the day. Random hours each day so we can cover the globe. Leave an email, a voicemail, or contact us via our web site. Please be specific so we can answer efficiently. We make every effort to respond quickly.

Where do we ship?

We have shipped to over 50 countries and all 50 states. If you are International and have a carrier accouont, we will gladly use it.


Returning products that have not been personalized or painted is fairly easy. But, you HAVE to have an RMA. We ship from over 20 locations across the USA. We need to coordinate your return with the shipper. For more info, read RETURN POLICY at bottom of every page.