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SKU VS2259
Material Pewter
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Dimensions 5 inch W x 9 inch H

Fish - Salmon Swimming Upstream 9 inch

Salmon Statue appears to have captured the salmon in its attempt to swim upstream. The tail is swishing. The salmon has been electroplated with a pewter finish which gives it a somewhat shiney, scaley finish. Have you ever been able to be at a place where you can watch salmon swim upstream?  It's quite amazing.

This Fish - Salmon Swimming Upstream statue has a base which can be personalized with a short, flexible plaque. Do you know someone who loves to fish for salmon?

Did you know salmon lay their eggs in freshwater streams. After the eggs hatch, they continue living where they were born for 6 months to 3 years. The salmon evolve into smolt whose chemistry changes allowing them to live in salt water. The salmon live in the ocean for 1-5 years until they become sexually mature. When that happens they return to their place of birth.

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