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So Many Horse Sculptures

Cowboys. Indians. Chariots. Jockeys and Just Horses.

$15.95-$399.95          6"-24"    Over 120 Horse Statues.

Did you know there are 55,000+ wild horses in USA? Australia has 400,000.

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  1. Sequential: A Sequine 2E/0800 2003 Trail of Painted Ponies

    PonyPonyPony.com was the web site we created for these delightful painted poinies. We were the first E-Commerce store and sold hundreds, thousands, of The Trail of Painted Ponies. Each pony is identified on the underside of it's base.

    Sequential: A Sequine Painted Pony was introduced in the Summer of 2003 - 14 years ago. The life size horse was magnificent with its 77,000 sequins. Can you imagine how painstaking that chore was? Our figurine is beautiful but does not have individual sequins. The top of the base has the same design as the saddle cloth. Sequine was only sold for one year, until September 2004. Thus, it is one of the rarest. Last production was 2E/0800.

    The artist, Nancy Fleming, who has a Fine Arts Degree from the Kansas City Art Institute, is known as a collage artist who artfully incorporates found objects into her artwork, usually in some sort of repeating pattern. "I can't throw out junk mail without first removing the canceled stamps," she says, by way of explaining how she came to cover her horse with 77,000 iridescent and multi-colored sequins.

    The first number on the bottom of the Painted Pony is the Edition Number. This number will have an “E” after it (example: 1E, 2E, 3E). The second number refers to the number of that particular Painted Pony in reference to the Edition that it was created in. This number will be between 1 and 10,000, since there are 10,000 Painted Ponies in each Edition. Translated - the last production horse wa 10800. The number of our pony is 2168....that's an early number. iE/2168. adly our phony has no box or tag. It's been rolled up on a towel for years.

  2. Horse Bust Loving Couple Horse Bust Loving Couple

    Horse Bust 9" Loving Couple Add Name

    This Horse Bust stands 9-1/2 inches high. It fetures the heads of two horses that have nestled together. Looks like a loving couple. Two horses that are friends.

    The base measures 3.7 inch  square and 2.7 inches high. You can add several lines of text if you want.

    Horse bust has a resin core and has been electroplated with bronze for a lasting finish. 

  3. Mountain Man on Horse Statue 7"

    The inspiration for this Mountain Man Statue is the famous Remington Mountain Man. Of course the original costs many thousand dollars and is larger. Our 2nd image shows the original. Our statue has been electroplated with bronze.

    The Mountain Man depicts a dramatic moment in the daily life of a frontier trapper, in which he and his mount work together to descend a precarious slope. The earliest "Mountain Man" statuettes are sharply delineated with a rich variety of textures, from the fringed buckskin garment to the animal’s hairy coat to the rocklike base. The Metropolitan Museum purchased this statuette—and three others—from Remington in 1907.  

    Do you know that Frederick Remington is a famous sculptor who worked a lot with bronze? He enjoyed creating sculptures with Western themes. Remington died in 1907. He lived in Ridgefield CT (and I lived in Ridgefield too! - but not in 1907).

  4. Bucking Stallion Statue Add Name 7"

    This is a dynamic sculpture of the strength and wildness of a horse. This bucking stallion has one hind leg planted on the textured ground, while its three other hooves point out in mid air.

    • golden coat radiates
    • mane flows wildly
    • ancient copper colored horse is on a two-tiered base.
    • Plaque is possible.
    • Bucking Stallion Statue  
  5. The Outlaw 6" Statue Add Name

    Even though the famous bronze sculptor, Frederic Remington, died in 1907 - his sculptures sell for high prices today. His copyright has expired so reproductions are legal. The Outlaw is one of Frederic Remingtons popular bucking horse bronze sculptures. This piece has great movement and detail. 

    The Outlaw has the horse and rider balancing on one front leg as suspended. The horse's rump is straight up in the air and the cowboy leans back, balancing himself in the saddle as he keeps his seat. The Outlaw reflects the artist's obsessive attention to detail and fervent passion for the American cowboy. Our reproduction is much smaller and costs a lot less. It is electroplated with bronze to further mimic Remington's sculpture.

    Do you know Frederic Remington dropped out of Yale after one year and traveled by himself to the West? Seeing the West for the first time it had a lifetime influence on him.


  6. Indian Chief Statue - 2 sizes

    You have a choice of which size of Indian Chief Statue you prefer. If you want an impressive Chief, you'll want the large one that is 12 inches tall. The smaller Chief is about half of that in height.

    The sculptor went overboard when he created this Indian Chief. Created in resin, you will see many feathers with so much detail. The Chief's race looks regal. Once the sculpting was complete and the mold created, the final step was electroplating the Indian Chief with a dark copper. Very Impressive. The base can have a plaque adhered for personalization.

    Did you know three of the better known Indian Chief names were: Crazy Horse (1877), Sitting Bull (1890) and Geronimo (1909)? While smoking a pipe with Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse is claimed to say: "I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again......"

  7. Cowgirl Statue 10" Customize

    Cowgirl Statue by Remington. This cowgirl has great dudes! Check out her clothes. Cowboy hat, chaps, cowboy boots, bandana and more. Looks good!

    Base is creative looking. Plaque not possible.

    Wild West Shows introduced women as cowgirls. Ever heard of Annie Oakley???

  8. Racing in Wind Horse 7" Statue

    With its mane flowing behind it, this horse is racing with the wind. You can practically feel the wind - can't you? Racing with the Wind Horse Sculpture has a resin core, the horse has been electroplated with lasting finish. At 7 inches it doesn't overwhelm the room but makes a nice statement. A plaque can be placed on the base.

    You have two choices of color. Copper or Pewter. Both colors are the same price. Make your selection as you purchase. The main image shows the pewter color. The 2nd image shows the horse at the opposite angle in copper.

    Do you know how a pony differentiates from a horse?  Ponies are generally considered intelligent and friendly,. Properly trained ponies are appropriate mounts for children who are learning to ride. Typically a pony is a mature horse that measures less than 14.2 hands (58 inches). 

  9. Tenderness Two Horse Bust 8 inch

    Tenderness and affection between the parent and child. The yearling's face is small and eager as it looks up, mouth ajar, at the stronger taller horse. The stature of the experienced horse is balanced by the tenderness represented as it moves its face close to the face of the yearling.

    • ancient bronze color gives the bust a radiance
    • detail of the mane and face add to the beauty
    • 4 inch W x 8.5 inch H
  10. The Cowboy Statue 10"

    Wearing a cowboy hat and chaps, this cowboy statue seems weary after a day's work. Note he's also wearing a holster. In fact, his hand is near his gun.

    Because of the resin core, the cowboy statue has so much detail - you need to have it in your hand to see it all! Standing 10 inches high, it's a good statue of a cowboy. The base is not able to personalize.

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Items 1 to 10 of 104 total

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