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Horses and Cowboy involved in various activities

Bucking, Lassoing, Rearing, Riding

Native Americans


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Cowboy & Indian Statues

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  1. The Mountain Man on Horse Statue 7 inch

    The inspiration for this Mountain Man Statue is the famous Remington Mountain Man. Of course the original costs many thousand dollars and is larger. Our 2nd image shows the original. Our statue has been electroplated with bronze.

    The Mountain Man depicts a dramatic moment in the daily life of a frontier trapper, in which he and his mount work together to descend a precarious slope. The earliest "Mountain Man" statuettes are sharply delineated with a rich variety of textures, from the fringed buckskin garment to the animal’s hairy coat to the rocklike base. The Metropolitan Museum purchased this statuette—and three others—from Remington in 1907.  

    Do you know that Frederick Remington is a famous sculptor who worked a lot with bronze? He enjoyed creating sculptures with Western themes. Remington died in 1907. He lived in Ridgefield CT (and I lived in Ridgefield too! - but not in 1907).

  2. The Outlaw Statue 6 inch

    Even though the famous bronze sculptor, Frederic Remington, died in 1907 - his sculptures sell for high prices today. His copyright has expired so reproductions are legal. The Outlaw is one of Frederic Remingtons popular bucking horse bronze sculptures. This piece has great movement and detail. 

    The Outlaw has the horse and rider balancing on one front leg as suspended. The horse's rump is straight up in the air and the cowboy leans back, balancing himself in the saddle as he keeps his seat. The Outlaw reflects the artist's obsessive attention to detail and fervent passion for the American cowboy. Our reproduction is much smaller and costs a lot less. It is electroplated with bronze to further mimic Remington's sculpture.

    Do you know Frederic Remington dropped out of Yale after one year and traveled by himself to the West? Seeing the West for the first time it had a lifetime influence on him.


  3. Indian Chief Statue - 2 sizes

    You have a choice of which size of Indian Chief Statue you prefer. If you want an impressive Chief, you'll want the large one that is 12 inches tall. The smaller Chief is about half of that in height.

    The sculptor went overboard when he created this Indian Chief. Created in resin, you will see many feathers with so much detail. The Chief's race looks regal. Once the sculpting was complete and the mold created, the final step was electroplating the Indian Chief with a dark copper. Very Impressive. The base can have a plaque adhered for personalization.

    Did you know three of the better known Indian Chief names were: Crazy Horse (1877), Sitting Bull (1890) and Geronimo (1909)? While smoking a pipe with Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse is claimed to say: "I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again......"

  4. The Cowboy 10 inch statue

    Wearing a cowboy hat and chaps, this cowboy statue seems weary after a day's work. Note he's also wearing a holster. In fact, his hand is near his gun.

    Because of the resin core, the cowboy statue has so much detail - you need to have it in your hand to see it all! Standing 10 inches high, it's a good statue of a cowboy. The base is not able to personalize.

  5. Cowgirl Statue 10 inch

    Cowgirl Statue by Remington. This cowgirl has great dudes! Check out her clothes. Cowboy hat, chaps, cowboy boots, bandana and more. Looks good!

    Base is creative looking. Plaque not possible.

    Wild West Shows introduced women as cowgirls. Ever heard of Annie Oakley???

  6. Lasso Cowboy Sculpture 12 inch

    A cowboy in traditional Western gear rides gracefully on the back of his strong horse. He is the Lasso-er, with his one hand holding the reins and the other in the air in control of the loop of his lasso.

    • Lasso Cowboy Sculpture. 
    • lasso and reins are made to look like rope.
    • antique bronze allows for a radiant surface
    • darker and lighter shades create depth
    • plaque possible.

    A lasso is made from stiff rope so that the noose stays open when the lasso is thrown. It also allows the cowboy to easily open up the noose to release the cattle because the rope is stiff enough to be pushed a little. 

  7. Journey's End Sculpture 13 inch

    Journey's End Sculpture.

    The Native American straddles the bare back of his exhausted horse at journey's end. The man's head hangs down towards the back of the horse, his braids fall to the side. 

    The horse's head also hangs down, faced to the ground, with tired dark eyes and a closed mouth. The deep blacks and brighter oranges of the antique copper creates a shadowy depth to this sculpture of a man and horse at the end of a long journey or spirited hunt.



  8. Brass Horse Cowboy Statue 11 inch

    This rider is moving at a rapid pace, as seen by the detail of the horse's mane and tail flowing straight behind it. The cowboy isn't even wearing his hat. He leans over slightly, though he remains in the saddle, and he has a gun strapped to his back, right below his bandanna. The cowboy is in traditional riding pants, while his boots are secure in the stirrups.

    • horse's hooves are off the ground
    • antique brass electroplated for lasting finish.
    • base is reddish brown compressed wood
    • perfect for a personalized plaque. 

    Brass Horse Cowboy Statue. 

  9. Cowboy at Work Sculpture 13 inch

    Cowboy at Work is a copper coated highly detailed sculpture is a grand display of a cowboy riding one strong horse while rounding up another. The cowboy, who shows tremendous skill, sits on a saddle and is wearing a traditional cowboy outfit with a bandanna around his neck, and a hat on his head. His feet are firmly in the stirrups, securing him during his bold and passionate display of prowess. He holds the end of the lasso behind him with one hand, and secures his catch with another part of the lasso in the other hand.

  10. Ride 'em Cowboy sculpture 15 inches

    The cowboy shows strength and skill in riding the wild bucking horse. The cowboy's head is bent down as he holds the reins with one hand, and has his hat in his other. He is still in the saddle, and his legs are parallel to the ground, feet in the stirrups.

    • note detail of his wrinkled button down shirt and chaps
    • ancient copper
    • horse kicks his two front hooves into the air
    • can cowboy stay seated?

    Ride 'em cowboy sculpture! 


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