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Additional Info

Material Bronze
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Dimensions 10 inch L x 11 inch H

Off to War! Indian Chief on Horse Sculpture 11 inch

Off to WAR!!!

This horse statue depicts an Indian Chief riding into battle on a war horse. The Indian Chief is holding a spear in his left hand while gripping the horses mane with his right. On this horse statue, the Indian Chief is wearing a ceremonial headdress, breastplate armor, and has a shield and a water skin slung over his back. The horse has a light weight saddle upon its back for easier maneuverability. If you look closely you can even see a handprint on the left side of the horses neck (most probably war paint). Many times a hand print on a horse represented someone killed in battle.

This horse sculpture is made of resin, then electroplated with bronze so you see even the most minute details of this fantastic horse statue. This horse sculpture will make a valuable addition to any collection!  You can personalize the black base with a plaque. We would recommend a black plaque with gold letters. This horse statue measures 10 inches long but that includes the horse's nose and it's tail. The maximum plaque length would be 6 inches. Height of plaque could be an inch, so 3 or 4 lines of text based on size of font you prefer.

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default: black plate with gold print

default: Arial

As easy as a band-aid & permanent - plaque via USPS in separate shipment

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