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Ribbons for Charities Piggy Bank 7 inch Artist Original

There are hundreds of charities that use a colored ribbon to represent their cause. You see many of these ribbons on automobiles. Since the charities need to raise money, what better receptacle than one of our banks? We'll make it just for you. We'll create one, a hundred or thousands. The larger the quantity the less expensive the cost of each individual bank.

Breast Cancer kills or scars too many women. With more research the hope is that we can conquer this deadly disease. Our artist created this bank using the pink ribbon which symbolizes breast cancer and our Happy Pig as the pallet. There are probably a hundred charities that have selected a specific color ribbon.

All ribbons would be shaped like the pink ribbon we have used for Breast Cancer. Since we are creating this in our warehouse, we can customize the banks for what works best for you. The ribbon banks can make great collection boxes either in a retail establishment or to take home and fill.
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