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SKU FM8343
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Material Plastic
Dimensions 55 inches High Base has 11" Diameter. Tube is 3 inches in diameter.

Parking Meter Bank 55 inch Jumbo

This very tall parking meter bank can be fun to use.

Put your money in the Parking Meter Bank and YOU get to collect it rather than the City! Clever, don't you think? The meter is about the size of a normal parking meter. The see through clear plastic tube is 2-3/4" in diameter. Made in the USA of a very heavy duty high quality plastic.

You'll easily see the money as you collect it. The tube for this bank is two pieces. The bottom of the Parking Meter Bank fits over the top of the tube and then you set the tube on top of the base. The base is gray and black, the same color of gray as the meter. When you want to retrieve your money, you will need to pull the tube off of the base. Pretty simple. I personally think this is a cool bank!

One customer has had the 55 inch tall parking meter banks for 10 years. Each year she saves $600-700 in it! Now you know how much you can save in this 55 inch tall stop sign bank.

Even though this bank only weighs 3 lbs because of it's size it ships in a box that measures 17 x 17 x 10 inch. UPS charges based on the size of the box; therefore, UPS charges us for 21 lbs! UPS & FEDEX changed the way they charge for shipping a couple of years ago. That means you are now paying 7 times more than it used to cost. We get a good discount - but we can't change the way shipping is calculated. Wish we could!

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