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 Small 5 inch ceramic piggy banks

Quantities only and Huge Discounts

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Small Piggy Banks

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  1. MINI Ceramic Piggy Banks Quantities

    MINI Ceramic Piggy Banks  Quantity Discounts  Yellow, Blue. Pink, Lime Green colors - (no white)

    These are our smallest ceramic piggy bank measuring just 3 inches long. They have a removable stopper. No personalization since we ship only in quantities. We do NOT sell just one pig - even though the site lets you. Your order will be cancelled.

    The site does not calculate shipping cost correctly. You need to order direct with us. Large orders might ship by trucking company rather than UPS - whichever is the least expensive. You will be charged whatever we are charged for shipping. 

    You can mix colors - with a minimum of 24 per color. You can tell us your mix  after you enter quantity. Your choice of colors is yellow, blue, pink and lime green.

    We will process this order for you. Email your quantity and color request to orders@wallstreetgifts.com. We will make it happen for you.  We will create invoice and calculate shipping. We will then email you invoice. Then we get your credit card info - or - you could even mail a check.  Ships in a couple of days once paid for.

    Sadly, our manufacturers are discontinuing this size of pig. You might need to be flexible. Once we have your order, we will tell you if you need to alter quantities in a particular color. When we're sold out, that's it.

    Start with email to orders@wallstreetgifts.com with quantities by color of this mini ceramic piggy bank. Yes, it has a stopper.



  2. SMALL Ceramic Piggy Bank Quantities

    SMALL Ceramic Piggy Banks - Quantities - White - PInk - Blue

    These are our second smallest ceramic classic piggy banks. They measure not quite 5 inch and have a removable stopper. Sold in multiples of 24. Purchasing ONE is not possible. Personalization is not available. According to quantity you order, we will ship via UPS or trucking company - whichever is cheapest.

    First you decide on Quantity you want. Then, you let us know your mix of colors. Minimum quantity of any order is 24. Example: If you order 504 pigs, you could request 24 blue, 288 white and 192 pink.

    You cannot place your order on line since shipping calculation is not accurate. To place order, email us at orders@wallstreetgifts.com . Tell us quantity BY color. This will be a manual order that we will invoice separately. Once you place your order via email, we will create invoice. We will calculate shipping. We will then email you the completed invoice. You then need to provide credit card info or mail us a check. Once we have payment, we will ship within a couple of days.

    Sadly, our manufacturer is discontinuing this size of piggy bank. We will beome  sold out



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2 Item(s)