Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Silver
Type of Box Presentation Box
Dimensions 4.5 inch W x 2.75 inch D x 6.5 inch H
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Race Horse and Jockey Statue 7 inch

This racing horse sculpture captures a jockey mid-race.

The jockey is detailed in traditional outfit, helmet on, hands holding tight to the reins, boots secured in the stirrups, while his strong legs hold him out of the saddle. The horse has three legs on the ground, and one front one in mid air, showing that he is mid-race. The subtle wrinkles of the jockey's shirt, the strands of hair of the horse's mane and tail, and the musculature of the horse's hind and front quarters.

Race Horse and Jockey Statue - the dynamic and radiant nature of this shiny silver finished horse sculpture is set on top of a crystal cube with a beveled edge. Personalized plaque possible on the base. Other jockey sculptures are shown to the right.

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