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Sales Tax

No Sales Tax!!!

Yes, that is correct. We are a New Hampshire LLC. New Hampshire is one of five states in the USA tht doesn't collect Sales Tax. Other states with no state sales tax are: Alaska, Oregon, ;Montana and Delawre.

Want some more trivia? States with highest combined state and local tax are: Louisiana 9.98%, Tennessee 9.46%, Arkansas 9.3%, Alabama 9.01% and Washington 8.92%. If you purchase from us, you will not be paying thee taxes.

The highest State tax - not combined with local tax - is California with 7.25%. We began as a California based business but moved to New Hampshire several years ago. The next highest state sales tax at 7% are: Indiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Tennessee.

Ready for the test!!!

Aren't you glad we charge no sales tax....at least not now.