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African Animal Sculptures

Elephants - Giraffes - Lions - Rhino - Tiger Statues  

$29.95 - $199.95    (listed alphabetically)

African Giraffes 

My best vacation ever was a safari. Loved it. Scenes like this are common. You can personalize most of our African sculptures. We're including some Exclusive designs of Piggy Banks. 


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African Animals

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  1. Sitting Elephant Statue 5 inch

    Sitting Elephant Statue. This cute little guy appears to be concentrating. with its ears flopped back and it's truck raised over its head. Electroplated with copper for lasting finish. The tusks are fairly short. The texture of the skin looks good. Since there is no base, personalization not possible.

    Did you know that elephants use mud as their sunscreen? They fling mud onto their head and back to protect themselves from sunburn.

  2. African Animals Piggy Bank 8" Artist Original

    A giraffe, a tiger, a monkey and a lion are depicted on this piggy bank which is exclusively ours. As an added feature is a palm tree with a coconut in it.

    • African Animals Bank 8 inch Artist Original
    • Ships in 5-7 business days. 
    • Personalize - which location?
    • EXCLUSIVE design

    Debbie, our artist, created this artist original piggy bank. She has a side job painting murals on children's bedrooms - I can imagine this as a mural too!

    Save for a outing to the Zoo - or just enjoy the decor of this cute piggy bank. The tiger looks like a kitty cat. the giraffe looks elegant as it looks down. You can barely see the lion. Made on an 8 inch pale blue ceramic piggy bank. Plug on pig's underbelly.

    How to teach Children to SAVE

    How to Personalize Artist Original

  3. Proud and Focused Elephant Statue 9 inch

    With ears flared and trunk curled, this elephant bust is a statement of confidence. The ears are wider than the base. The base can be easily customized with a plaque. Statue has been electroplated with copper.

    Great looking ears and a well-defined truck. Proud and Focused Elephant Statue. 

    Did you know that when a baby elephant is born it measures 33 inches and weighs 260 lbs. That's a BIG baby!

  4. Elephant Statue Raised Trunk 9"

    Elephant statue with Raised Trunk. A raised trunk by an elephant is a symbol of good luck. So, Good Luck!

    The exterior of the elephant has been electroplated with copper which provides a great texture to the coat. Notice the tusks and the tail that has swished to the side. Customization not possible.

    Did you know the skin of an elephant is 1 inch deep on some areas of the body - like the back?

  5. Two Elephant Statue 10 inch

    Can you tell there are two elephants in this statue? The baby is sort of hiding, near the base. Proud mother. The elephant statue has been electroplated with copper for a lasting finish. Ears are wider than the base.So, if you're ordering a plaque, make note the smaller width.

    Did you know that an elephant calf ONLY nurses for the 1st 3 months?

  6. Gleeful Elephant Statue 11 inch

    Gleeful Elephant Statue. With tusks thrust forward and trunk over it's head, this elephant has a happy look. It represents luck. The tail is aswish.  It's wrinkled skin is realistic. and has been electroplated with antique copper for a lasting fnish. The elephant stands on "grass" which is attached to a wooden base..

    Did you know elephant tails are typically 5 feet long?!

  7. Lucky Elephant Statue 16 inch

    With trunk extending upwards, this elephant is in the pose which symbolizes luck. We call it our Lucky Elephant. The elephant statue has been electroplated with copper for a finish that lasts.

    There are two species of elephants - African and Asian. This elephant statue is an Asian elephant. You can tell by the hunchd back and the smaller ears. The Asian elephant ranges from 7 to 11 feet and weighs up to 11,000 lb. Whereas the African weighs up to 15,000 lb. Can you imagine how much grass it eats to be that large? 

  8. Joyful Mother & Baby Elephant Sculpture 11 inch

    Simply terrific. This Joyful Mother and Baby Elephant Sculpture is great. In fact how could it be better? Don't these two look like they're enjoying the day? The babys trunk and the mother's joy can be deticted in this sculpture. Plus, both trunks are raised in joy. Since the base is rough, personalization not possible. The large ears earmark this as an African elephant.

    Did you know an elephant's trunk can do a simple task like getting a peanut our of its shell. Can you imagine the dexterity that involves? The same trunk can lift 350 lbs. Yes, 350. An elephant can remove a tree trunk, or large limbs that blocks a road.

  9. Giraffe Piggy Bank EXCLUSIVE 8, 10 or 13 inch

     A view from the plains of Africa - giraffes amongst the Acacia trees. A common view in Africa since Giraffes love to eat the leaves.

    • Giraffe Piggy Bank Artist Original
    • Ships in 5-7 business days. 
    • Personalize
    • EXCLUSIVE style
    • check out all FOUR images

    With this artist original piggy bank we are taken to Africa. I am fortunate to have taken a safari. No vacation has ever been as special as that vacation was. This piggy bank looks like a snapshot you could take on a safari. A great view of the African landscape. You can personalize the piggy bank if you would like, maybe add the words Safari Fund . If you have a specific location for the personalization, tell us. Check out all four images to better see this creation.

    This is an exclusive Giraffe piggy bank design created in Florida. Allow a week before shipping. On the right of this page are other piggy banks created by our artists.

    How to teach Children to SAVE

    How to Personalize Artist Original

  10. At Attention Giraffe Statue 15 inch

    At Attention Giraffe Statue. With head held high this giraffe looks like it is at "attention"! It has been electroplated twice. Once with copper. then a second time with dark copper leaving lighter patches of copper. Looks good doesn't it? Plaque is possible on the wooden base.

    Did you know there are 9 sub-species of the Giraffe?  Using DNA analysis it was recently determined that the Nubion and Rothschild had the same DNA.Only 1,000 or so of that sub-species exist. This sub-species is lighter in color and has white "stockings."

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