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African Animal Sculptures

Elephants - Giraffes - Lions - Rhino - Tiger Statues  

$29.95 - $199.95    (listed alphabetically)

African Giraffes 

My best vacation ever was a safari. Loved it. Scenes like this are common. You can personalize most of our African sculptures. We're including some Exclusive designs of Piggy Banks. 


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African Animals

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  1. Sitting Elephant Statue 5 inch

    Sitting Elephant Statue. This cute little guy appears to be concentrating. with its ears flopped back and it's truck raised over its head. Electroplated with copper for lasting finish. The tusks are fairly short. The texture of the skin looks good. Since there is no base, personalization not possible.

    Did you know that elephants use mud as their sunscreen? They fling mud onto their head and back to protect themselves from sunburn.

  2. Antelope Bust Antelope Bust

    Antelope Bust 10"H Customize

    Antelope's roam the plains of Africa as well as other areas With the 91 antelope species 30 reside in Africa.

    this antelope bust has awesome horns. It is quite impressive measuring 10 inches high. The texture of the coast, the nostrils as well as the horns have great texture. The bust is on a base that can easily be customized.

  3. Rhino Bust Rhino Bust

    Rhino Bust 7" Customize

    This bronze Rhino Bust captures the head of a rhinocerous in great detail. All adult rhinos weigh over a ton and eat leafy vegetables! How does that happen?

    This Rhino head has a large and a smaller horn. It has a resin core and has been electroplated with bronze for a lasting finish. It stands 7-1/2 inch high. The base can easily be personalized with a plaque.

    Vietnam is the largest market for rhino horns. By weight, rhino horns cost as much as gold on the black market. 

  4. Giraffe Bust Giraffe Bust

    Giraffe Bust 9" Customize

    With a bronze finish, this Giraffe Bust mimics the irregular pattern of the giraffe's skin quite realistically. the giraffe has a pensive lool - perhpas, thinking about life?

    At 9 inches in height the Giraffe Bust has a regal look. The head has realistic looking eyes, nose, horns and ears. Well done! You can easily personalize this giraffe wiith a plaque on the base. Base measures 3 inch square x 2 inch H.

  5. Zebra Bust 7" Customize

    Check out the stripes of this Zebra Bust. Looks good, doesn't it? Standing 7-1/2 inches high, the face on the zebra is quite expressive. Notice that the stripes even extend into the zebra's mane. The core of this statue is resin and then electroplated with bronze for a final finish. Using resin allows so much more detail in the facial features.

    Customization is possible with a plaque on the base. The base is a 3 inch square that is 2 inches high. That allow for several lines of text if you want.

  6. Wildebeest Bust 8" Safari? Customize

    One cannot do an African Safari  and not think of the wildebeests. If you are lucky you will see the famous Wildebeest migration after the rainy season. I saw thousands and thousands of the wildebeests on the Maasai Mara. Zebras are common within the wildebeest herd.

    This Wildebeest statue features the head of the Wildebeest. It's horn and coat are realistic. The bust has a bronze finish. Customization is possible with a plaque on the base. Base measures 3 inch square x 2 inch H.

    Did you know Wildebeest are traced back 2.5 MILLION years! They can run at 50 mph. Who would have thought?

  7. Kids Animal Pig Bank FREE name

    A giraffe, a tiger, a monkey and a lion are depicted on this piggy bank which is exclusively ours. As an added feature is a palm tree with a coconut in it.

    • African Animals Bank 8 inch Artist Original
    • Ships in 5-7 business days. 
    • Personalize - which location?
    • EXCLUSIVE design

    Debbie, our artist, created this artist original piggy bank. She has a side job painting murals on children's bedrooms - I can imagine this as a mural too!

    Save for a outing to the Zoo - or just enjoy the decor of this cute piggy bank. The tiger looks like a kitty cat. the giraffe looks elegant as it looks down. You can barely see the lion. Made on an 8 inch pale blue ceramic piggy bank. Plug on pig's underbelly.

    How to teach Children to SAVE

    How to Personalize Artist Original

  8. Proud & Focused Elephant Statue 9"

    With ears flared and trunk curled, this elephant bust is a statement of confidence. The ears are wider than the base. The base can be easily customized with a plaque. Statue has been electroplated with copper.

    Great looking ears and a well-defined truck. Proud and Focused Elephant Statue. 

    Did you know that when a baby elephant is born it measures 33 inches and weighs 260 lbs. That's a BIG baby!

  9. Elephant Statue Raised Trunk 9"

    Elephant statue with Raised Trunk. A raised trunk by an elephant is a symbol of good luck. So, Good Luck!

    The exterior of the elephant has been electroplated with copper which provides a great texture to the coat. Notice the tusks and the tail that has swished to the side. Customization not possible.

    Did you know the skin of an elephant is 1 inch deep on some areas of the body - like the back?

  10. Two Elephant Statue Add Name10"

    Can you tell there are two elephants in this statue? The baby is sort of hiding, near the base. Proud mother. The elephant statue has been electroplated with copper for a lasting finish. Ears are wider than the base.So, if you're ordering a plaque, make note the smaller width.

    Did you know that an elephant calf ONLY nurses for the 1st 3 months?

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