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Bear Sculptures

Do you "short" the market?  Or just like bears?

Lots of bear statues. Even a Bear Coffee Table! Personalize.

$24.95 - $1995 

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Bear Sculptures

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  1. Bear & Fish Statue Add Name 6"

    This Bear and Fish Sculpture shows a very detailed bear hunched over a stone trying to catch a salmon out of the river.

    The fur on the bear is quite realistic which you can tell in the photo. The bear statue is made of resin and looks great!  

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  2. Growling Bear Bust 8" H Customize

    The face of this Growling Bear Bust is very expressive. With mouth agape and teeth showoing, this bear can act as a guard "dog" for you. Measuring 8 inches tall the bear statue has a bronze finish.

    The base of the bear can easily be customized. The base is 3 inch square and stands 2 inches high. You could have several lines of text.

  3. Curious Bear Statue Curious Bear Statue

    Curious Bear Statue 9" Customize

    We chose the adjective "Curious" to describe this Bear Statue. It has been flawlessly created with lots of detail. The bear's fur makes you want to touch it because the fur looks so real. The toenails have great detail The face is wonderful with the nostrils and hair looking just like it should. The bear appears to be descending on a rock very carefully looking for something.

    Customization is easy on the black base. A plaque can easily be adhered. Since the base is oval, the length of the plaque is limited to 5 inches, height 1-1/4 inch. Plaque is as easy to adhere as a band-aid and will be mailed separately.

  4. Grouchy Bear 5" Statue customize

    The texture of the coat is very coarse for this Grouchy Bear Statue.

    It is made of resin all the small details are well done, teeth, paws, ears are very well designed. The bear has a bronze finish.

    The oval base will allow a 1/2 inch plaque if you'd like to customize. 

    Our favorite bear statue!

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  5. Checking it out Bear Statue 6"

    With one paw on a rock this bear is definitely checking things out. For one of our smaller bear sculptures, this sculpture still has a lot happening.

    With a resin core that has been electroplated with bronze, the coat of this bear is quite "hair-like." The oval base is 4-1/2 inches long. It can have a 1/2 inch high plaque that is 3 inch long. We will mail you the plaque for you to adhere. It's easy to do.

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  6. Ironwood Bear 5" hand carved

    Snarling with it's head lowered, this bear sculpture doesn't look real happy! Ironwood is a type of wood (like walnut or mahagony) that is used to carve this bear. The ironwood used is carved in Mexico. The smoothness shows the beauty of the wood. No two bears are exactly the same since they are carved by hand and each piece of wood has its own characteristics. They are similar - not identical.
  7. Bear Sculpture on Stump 7 inch

    Bear Sculpture on Stump shows how magestic a bear can be in the wild!  The sculpture has lots of  detail  of both the bear and on the tree stump. This Bear Sculpture would be a great addition to your office. Customization possible with plaque.

    Did you know the claws of a Grizzly Bear are as long a person's fingers?

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  8. Growling Silver Bear Sculpture Made in USA 4-1/2 inch

    This growling bear is beautifully detailed, grooves on its body resemble that of fur. Its mouth is wide open with teeth showing. This sculpture captures the bear in its natural habitat where it can do damage to any bull it encounters. 

    Founded in 1911, this USA company has been making hand cast statues for a long time. The process has many steps. This bear has a texture feel to its coat and looks like antique silver. The lustrous quality of this piece can be maintained by wiping it occasionally - so it won't tarnish. A white metal is used for the core. For the finishing touch it is electroplated with a silver finish. The base and bear are one piece.

  9. Silver Bear 4" Figurine (Bull too)

    Sleek Silver Bear has a contemporay style and coordinates with the sleek bull. The bear is slightly smaller in size than the bull. It's core is solid brass and it has been electroplated with a chrome non-tarnish finish.

    If you'd like both the bull and bear, you can do that.

  10. Panda Bear Piggy Bank FREE name

    One of Zoo's favorite animals is the panda. Walking the San Diego Zoo on weekends for several years, I spent quite a bit of time in their Panda exhibit. Adorable animals. 

    • Panda Bear Piggy Bank
    • 8 inch Artist Original
    • Ships in 5-7 business days. 
    • Personalize
    • EXCLUSIVE design

    Debbie, our artist, created this simple design of a panda bear on a white ceramic piggy bank. Click on images to see the panda bank from different sides. Debbie lives in San Diego.

    Did you know a 2007 report showed 239 pandas living in captivity inside China and another 27 outside. A decade later 49 giant pandas lived in 18 zoos in 13 different countries. The San Diego Zoo has done a remarkable job having panda babies. Sadly when the panda reaches 3 years of age, they are shipped to China to live. Pandas are no longer on a decline.

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    How to Personalize Artist Original

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