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Symbol of Freedom

Many of our Eagle Statues have American Flags.

$49.95 - $399.95    Eagles are powerful and universally loved. Which one suits you?

Also: Falcon, Rooster, Duck

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Eagle & Bird Statues

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  1. Eagle Piggy Bank FREE NAME

    Besides being the symbol of the USA, the bald eagle is also the mascot for many squadrons and teams.

    • American Eagle Piggy Bank
    • Ships in 5-7 business days. 
    • Personalizing? Please TELL US preferred location.
    • EXCLUSIVE style available on 2 sizes of pigs.

    One one side of the pig is the head of a bald eagle.On the other side is the word America. You can purchase the bank just as you see it. You could also replace the word America with a different name. You can TALK TO US below.

    How to teach Children to SAVE

    How to Personalize Artist Original

  2. bronze rooster bronze rooster

    Bronze Rooster 9" or 14" Customize

    This rooster statue is BIG and BEAUTIFUL!  The rooster's feathers show much detail, even the talons have detail. The core of the rooster is resin and has been electroplated with bronze for lasting finish.

    Personalization is easy with a plaque on the base. Since base is round, length of plaque is limited to 2 inches.

    Did you know a male chicken begins crowing at 4 months of age?

    You have a choice of 2 sizes of this rooster. The largest is 14 inches. The smaller is 9 inches in height.

  3. Brass Eagle Bust 9" customize

    Can an eagle look elegant? That's the adjective I think of when I view this brass eagle bust.

    • Great face - you can even see the pupil in the eye
    • Great display of feathers.
    • Base can be personalized
    • Brass.
  4. 10" Eagle atop American Flag

    The wing feathers have been carefully sculpted on this eagle statue. Is the Eagle landing or about to fly off with the American Flag in its talons?  

    • personalize with plaque on base
    • 6 inch W x 10 inch H
    • copper
  5. Alert Eagle Statue 10" customize

    What? An eagle is forever alert.This Alert Eagle statue has turned his head and his piercing eyes are very alert. In his talons is a small American Flag.

    • notice the stripes of the flag on his chest
    • electroplated with a copper finish
    • base can be personalized with plaque.
    • 5 inch W x 10 inch H

    With its posture, Eagle conveys the message that it is watching over America.

  6. Three Eagle Bust 9" Customize

    These eagles are all focused on the same thing. You really see their massive beaks - no wonder eagles are at the top of the bird food chain. On this Three Eagle Bust, the lower eagle has his beak agape - is he giving orders?

    • copper has a lasting finish
    • base is a great size for a plaque
    • 6 inches W x 9 inches H
  7. Eagle Fishing Sculpture 12 inch

    Getting dinner! Eagles like to eat fish. This eagle sculpture shows an eagle as he approaches a wave. Note his talons are wide open. He's about to attempt to catch a fish just below the water surface. His wings are extended.

    • The copper electroplating defines each individual feather.
    • The oval wooden base has center flat area perfect for a plaque
    • 12 inches W x 10 inches H

    An Eagle at work.Are you working for dinner too????

  8. Patriotic Statue 3 Eagle Heads 10"

    Our three branches of government are supposed to keep our nation "in check" - is it working? This creation shows Three Eagles and an American Flag statue. Eagle has an American Flag held high. I interpret the three eagles to represent: Congress, White House and Supreme Court. Perhaps, your interpretation is different. 

    • high base is great place plaque
    • Resin core - electroplated with copper
    • Each eagle has a different facial expression.
    • 6 inch W x 10 inch H
    • patriotic statue
  9. Fierce Brass Eagle Head 10"

    If you want an Eagle statue that is "threatening" this is it. 

    With its piercing eye, nasty bill and windswept feathers, the artist has created a Fierce Brass Eagle Head that definitely makes a statement. No questions asked!

    • The eagle is electroplated with brass
    • The base is perfect size to personalize with a plaque.
    • 10 inch H x 7 inch W
  10. Falcon, a royal bird 9 inch copper

    The falcon is a bird of prey. the Peregrin Falcon which has been clocked flying at 200 mph! Pretty amazing.

    There are 40 species of falcon. This falcon sculpture features a falcon perched on a person's hand. In Dubai the Falcon is held in high regard. The falcon's owner will even purchase an airplane seat for the falcon! If you're ever in Dubai, check out the Falconry. It's considered a Royal sport.

    • This falcon sculpture has a resin core
    • Electroplated with copper for a lasting finish.
    • It's quite elegant.
    • Personalize base with plaque..
    • 9 inch x 9 inch

    Falcon sculpture available in 3 sizes. This 9 inch Falcon Sculpture is the smallest.

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Items 1 to 10 of 27 total

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