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So many Horses...Mother & Foal, Cowboy & Indian, Chariot, Jockey,

and just Horse sculptures.

$19.95 - $399.95      Over 100 Horse statues.    Personalization Available.

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Horse Statues

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  1. Horse Award 6" Customize

    This little walking horse stands tall and poised with its right front leg raised off the ground. Its tail is curved up and flows down, the mane is nicely groomed.

    • ancient  copper of horse provides a radiant look
    • polished wooden base adds to the elegant nature
    • can personalize with plaque on base.

  2. Rearing Horse 7" Statue Add Name

    In another startling example of the nature and spirit of the horse, we present to you this amazing horse sculpture!

    Standing only 7" tall, this horse sculpture has realistic detail, the motion and energy, its a beautiful artistic piece that will make any animal or horse lover happy! It's core is resin and has been electroplated with bronze. The round base can be personalized with a flexible plaque. 

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  3. Trotting Horse Statue 7" Add Name

    A classic rendition of the wild horse, this Trotting Horse Sculpture. is realistically modeled in tribute to the wild mustang. 

    Standing 6 inch tall, this horse sculpture has a small footprint while making a big impression. Made from resin and electroplated with bronze. Enjoy!

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  4. Neighing Horse Statue Add Name 7"

    The strength and playful nature of wild horses is portrayed in great detail in this horse sculpture. The water splashes around its feet as it bucks and whinnies its way through what appears to be a river bed.

    This horse sculpture captures the wild spirit of the equine creature in the wild from its flowing mane to its prancing hooves. A great gift for the horse lover in your life. Its small footprint makes it ideal for many places in your home or office. Made from resin and electroplated with bronze..

  5. Cowboy Statue 7" Rearing Horse

    A rearing horse with a cowboy on its back is the theme of this horse statue. The horse is standing only on its hind legs trying to throw the cowboy from its back. The cowboy is gripping the reins tightly in his left hand and whipping the back side of the horse with his right. The cowboy's hat is pulled tightly over his forehead and ears to stop it from flying off. With the look of the muscles on this fantastic horse it's very hard to decide who will win this battle. Marvel at the details of this fantastic horse statue. You can see every intracacy from the moustache on the man's face to the flaring of the horse's nostrils.

    You can personalize the black base with a plaque. We would recommend a black plaque with old letters. Statue has a resin core and has been electroplated with bronze. A Western sculpture for sure!

  6. Bucking Stallion Statue Add Name 7"

    This is a dynamic sculpture of the strength and wildness of a horse. This bucking stallion has one hind leg planted on the textured ground, while its three other hooves point out in mid air.

    • golden coat radiates
    • mane flows wildly
    • ancient copper colored horse is on a two-tiered base.
    • Plaque is possible.
    • Bucking Stallion Statue  
  7. Frolicking Horse Statue 7" Add Name

    This horse sculpture is a depiction of a horse prancing through water in great detail. Notice the attention to detail from its its perked ears, muzzle, flowing mane and tail all the way to the water at the base of the Frolicking Horse Sculpture.

    Majestic in its stance, this horse sculpture will always make an impression with its shining surface and obvious energy. As you can see from the picture this item seems larger than life, but fits easily in the home or office anywhere you may see fit. Made from resin. and electroplated with bronze.

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  8. Together: Indian & Horse Statue 7"

    This horse statue depicts a Native American riding a horse down a steep slope of rock. The Native American has a tight grip on the back of the saddle as well as the reins, and is gripping tightly with his knees as well. Notice how long the reins are! if you don't give the horse enough head you will certainly be thrown off.

    This horse sculpture has many fine details to admire. The intricacies of the saddle, The weapon on the riders back, and you can even see a coil of rope strapped to the side of the horse. This is a very difficult descent down the mounain and you can tell that  by the look of serious concentration on the rider's face. 

    A beautiful tribute to the Native American rider and horse. 

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  9. End of Trail - 7" Indian Warrior Horse Sculpture 7 inch

    Such an emotional statue ... and sadly true.

    End of Trail horse statue depicts a very tired Indian warrior on a very tired horse. You can only assume the battle is over by looking at this horse sculpture. The warrior sitting atop the horse's back is slumped over with his head and shoulders arched downwards. The warrior is still holding his spear, and there is a long knife sheathed in a scabbard on his left hip. The horse is slumped forward as well with its tail between its legs. This horse sculpture looks like rider and horse after an epic battle.

    In the 15th Century there were over 4 million Native Americans. By 1900 the number had dwindled to 237,000. However, diseases killed more than wars.

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  10. Rodeo Bronc Riding Statue 6"

    Saddle bronc riding is rodeo's classic event, both a complement and contrast to the wilder spectacles of bareback riding and bull riding. This event requires strength to be sure, but the event also demands style, grace and precise timing. 

    • rodeo cowboy sculpture
    • electroplated with bronze 
    • black base measures 3 inches L x 1-1/2 inch H x 2 inch deep.
    • plaque is mailed to you separately. 

    You have a choice of two sizes of this cowboy statue. This is the smaller 6 inch size. The larger size is about twice as large. PJY116.

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

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Items 1 to 10 of 90 total

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