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These Marine Animal statues are listed alphabetically. 

Alligator, Dolphin, Dolphin, Frog, Manatee, Manta Ray, Otter, Salmon,

Sea Horse, Seal, Shark, Turtle, and on 2nd page Whale

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Marine Life Statues

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  1. An unhappy Alligator Statue 10 inch

    An unhappy Alligator Statue is depicted here. The alligators mouth is really open - perhaps, making a gruff growl. The image does a great job showing all of the detail on the alligator. In order to create the statue the sculptor began with resin, then the alligator was electroplated with copper. Instead of a watch dog - how would a "watch" alligator work for you?!!!

  2. Count the Teeth - Alligator sculpture 18 inch

    Count the Teeth of this Alligator!  But, don't get too close.

    At 18 inch in length this alligator statue makes quite an impression. With its mouth agape showing all of its teeth it is even menancing. The core of the alligator is resin and it has been electoplated with copper for a lasting finish. Great reproduction of the living thing!

    Did you know an alligator can run at a speed of 20-25 mph on a burst of speed? That humans max out at 10 mph?

  3. Dolphin Family Statue - Mom & Kids 5 inch

    When viewing dolphins in the ocean, one frequently sees a Mom and her kids.Dolphins are fun animals - which is why they are so loveable.

    This statue has 3 dolphins gliding through the water. The surface of the dolphin is a copper patina. The base has coral on it.  Personalization possible 

    Did you know  Male dolphins typically mate with multiple females every year, but females only mate every two to three years? Calves are typically born in the spring and summer months and females bear all the responsibility for raising them. 

  4. Dolphins Piggy Bank Exclusive 8 inch

    Living on the beach I'm lucky to see dolphins frolicking in the Pacific Ocean frequently. No matter how many times I see dolphins I'm always looking for the next time. There is something about the dolphin that brings joy into your life. When sailing, they frequently "play' alongside the boat. Dolphins are smart also and are trained by the Navy Seals to help them in covert operations.

    • Dolphins Frolicking Piggy Bank
    • 8 inch Artist Original
    • Ships in 5-7 business days. 
    • Personalize
    • EXCLUSIVE design

    Perhaps, you want to save money so you can "swim with the dolphins" which is possible in many tropical locations. It's really fun to have a dolphin push your feet with its snout across the water. I've done it!  Debbie, our artist, created this joyful dolphin piggy bank for you as an artist original exclusive. 

    How to teach Children to SAVE

    How to Personalize Artist Original

  5. Dolphins on Conch Shell Statue 7 inch

    This interesting statue combines 3 elements - dolphins, conch and sea weed.There's lots of activity, lots happening, on the Dolphins on Conch Shell Statue. The dolphins appear to be intrigued. Once finished it is then electroplated with copper to get this finish. Base can easily be personalized with plaque. 

    Did you know Dolphins tend to travel in pods. In the pod, the dolphins do not necessarily swim right next to each other. Rather, they swim within the same general vicinity. Higher whistle vocalization keeps the pod traveling together.

  6. Dolphin Bank 8, 10 or 13 inch PERSONALIZED

    A dolphin jumping from the waves. How fun is that? You tell us the name. A few curls represent waves. 

    • Dolphin Bank
    • Ships in 5-7 business days. 
    • Replace Ryanl with Name you want
    • EXCLUSIVE style is available in 8, 10 and 13 inch pigs

    You need to decide what size of a white piggy bank you want, This customized piggy bank is being handmade just for you. All banks will vary slightly based on name, color of bank and which artist does it. If you have a preference for paint color for personalization, tell us in the Talk to Us box. Enjoy! Piggy bank has a removable rubber stopper in the bottom of its belly to retrieve your savings

    How to teach Children to SAVE

    How to Personalize Artist Original

  7. Dolphin Sculpture 9 inch

    The Dolphin measures 9.5 inches from tip to tip. That's a great size! The dolphin has been electroplated with a combination of copper and a dark copper giving the statue an interesting color.  Dolphins seem to always look like their smiling - as does this dolphin.

    Personalization is possible, but base is circular so only a short flexible plaque will work.

    Did you know that the US Navy still trains dolphins?  Maybe The Navy Seals are mis-named and should be the Navy Dolphins!

  8. School of Dolphins Statue 10 inch

    A group of dolphins is known as a school of dolphins. There are 4 dolphins on this statue each gliding through the water. The top part of the base is meant to look like waves.

    Standing 10 inches high and 8 inches wide, this dolphin statue is a great size. The round base can handle a short plaque for personalization. 

    Did you know there are 40 species of dolphins in the world?

  9. Dolphins Playing Statue 13 inch

    A word closely associated with dolphins is playful. Don't they frequently look like their having fun? Enjoy this sculpture. Bring a smile to those that see it.

    Personalization possible on the front on the oval shaped base.. 

    Di you know the dolphin evolved from the hippo?

  10. Fish - Salmon Swimming Upstream 9 inch

    This Salmon Statue has its tail is swishing. The salmon has been electroplated with a pewter finish which gives it a somewhat shiney, scaly finish. Have you ever been able to be at a place where you can watch salmon swim upstream?  It's quite amazing.

    Base which can be personalized. Do you know someone who loves to fish for salmon?

    Did you know salmon lay their eggs in freshwater streams. After the eggs hatch, they continue living where they were born for 6 months to 3 years. The salmon evolve into smolt whose chemistry changes allowing them to live in salt water. The salmon live in the ocean for 1-5 years until they become sexually mature. When that happens they return to their place of birth.

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