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This is our ETC. category. Probably statues that are difficult to find!

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  • Falcon, a royal bird 9 inch copper

    The Falcon is a royal bird in dubai. We offer this falcon statue in 3 sizes. this 9 inch size is the smallest. You can see the other 2 sizes under RELATED PRODUCTS.

    This falcon statue has been electroplated with copper for a lasting finish. It's resin core allow great texture on the feathers. The falcon is sitting on a person's hand - just like as in the Falconry shows. Falcon's are quite speedy with the Peregrin falcon clocking at 200 mph.

    You can personalize with a plaque on the base.

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  • Falcon Statue - 17 inch copper

    You have a choice of 3 sizes of this Falcon Statue . this falcon is the largest size measuring 17 inch copper.

    Worldwide there are 40 species of falcon. In the USA the Peregrin Falcon is the best known. This bird, due to DDT, was endangered. Getting rid of DDT has helped the peregin on its road to recovery. The Peregrin Falcon has been cloceked at a speed of 200 mph!!!  That's fast. I remember being near the Cliff House in San Francisco and a Peregrin flew over my head at an amazing speed.

    If you would like to display a statue that "talks" speed and resistance, the Falcon can carry that message. You can add a plaque with a personalized message.

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  • Cat playing with Turtle Statue 5 inch

    We've caught this Cat playing with a Turtle and created a Statue. Have you ever wondered why cats are so playful? Some think its because they are fed and do not have to hunt their food to survive; thus, they have a lot of unused, pent-up energy. Their natural predatory drive kicks in and they chase anything that moves. Not sure how fast a turtle moves!!!

    The artist created a resin statue and then electroplated it with copper. The cat statue captures the playfulness of the cat. Wonder what the turtle is thinking?

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  • Alert Rooster Statue

    Alert Rooster Statue. This is one proud dude! A rooster who is one proud chicken! Electroplated with copper for a lasting finish.

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  • Indian Chief Statue - 2 sizes

    You have a choice of which size of Indian Chief Statue you prefer. If you want an impressive Chief, you'll want the large one that is 12 inches tall. The smaller Chief is about half of that in height.

    The sculptor went overboard when he created this Indian Chief. Created in resin, you will see many feathers with so much detail. The Chief's race looks regal. Once the sculpting was complete and the mold created, the final step was electroplating the Indian Chief with a dark copper. Very Impressive. The base can have a plaque adhered for personalization.

    Did you know three of the better known Indian Chief names were: Crazy Horse (1877), Sitting Bull (1890) and Geronimo (1909)? While smoking a pipe with Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse is claimed to say: "I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again......"

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  • Buffalo Head 13 inch H

    Buffalo Head XL.

    Sitting on a marble base the massive head of this Buffalo has been sculpted with great detail. The buffalo is a prevalent component of Western USA history. This buffalo head has been electroplated with copper.

    A smaller  inch high buffalo head is also available. Check out the top product to the left under "related." This smaller size is 8 inches high, much smaller than this 13 inch one.

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  • Buffalo Statue Butting Heads 13 inch

    Head to head these two buffalos are having a disagreement. They appear to be evenly matched.

    Did you know that as late as 1750 wild buffalo were seen as far south and east as North Carolina! Native Americans and the buffalo lived together in harmony. But, when "Yankees" invaded buffalo land the species came close to extenction.

    This great buffalo statue has been electroplated with copper for a lasting finish The base is marble and can easily have a plaque adhered for customization.

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  • Buffalo Statue 13 inch

    Buffalo Statue is wonderful. You can practically "feel" the shaggy look of its head. The buffalo has a resin core and has been electroplated with  for a lasting finish.

    Did you know that there used to be 30-50 million buffalo roaming America? Between slaughter and disease most of the millions died.

    The buffalo - or bison - is the national animal of United States. Do you know which coin it is on?

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  • Buffalo Bust 8" H

    Look to the right and you see this same Buffalo Bust in a larger, massive, size of 13 inch.

    The head of the buffalo has great detail. You can practically "feel" its furry coat. The reason such detail is possible is because the core is made of resin. Once all the details have been created, the buffalo bust is then electroplated with copper for  a lasting finish. 

    So, which size do you want? This larger, 13 inch size, or the smaller, 8 inch size, shown on the right.

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  • Cougar Bust 10 inch

    This Bust of Two Cougars stands over 10 inches high. The heads of the cougars are nestled together. 

    This bust has been electroplated with copper. Base is easy to adhere a plaque for customization.

    The cougar is a prominent predator found in most of the Americas. It prefers habitats with dense underbrush and rocky areas for stalking. Cougar is territorial and pursues a wide variety of prey. 

    Did you know the cougar is the 4th largest cat? Also known as mountain line and puma.

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  • Charolais Cow Statue

    Charolais Cow statue. Attention! This cow sculpture is fully cognizant of her surroundings. Made of resin the bone structure is quite visible. The neck has wrinkles and the facial expression is great. This particular breed is a Charolais. With a French origin, the Charolais breed has impacted the North American beef industry fairly significantly. Today Charolais tops all breeds in nearly every category of performance in the records of beef performance testing organizations. There is historical evidence that these cattle were being noticed as early as 878 A.D. A plaque could be placed on the base for personalization.

    Even though this Charolais Statue is female, not male, the signifiance of the breed in the beef industry made us include the Charolais.

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  • Bird Statue - Heron 14 inch

    As a birder, I'd say these are Great Blue Herons. The Great Blue is the largest and most widespread heron in the United States. Some call the bird a "crane"; but, the correct name is heron. The Great Blue stands over 4 feet tall. This Heron statue is 14 inches tall. The plume exists year round.

    Starting with resin the artist created this pair of heron's with lots of detail. You see the feathers, the plume, the feet, etc. Once the mold is complete the statue is then electroplated with brass for this wonderful look. Personalization is possible with a plaque on the base.

    The 2nd image shows what a Great Blue Heron looks like - live. 

    Did you know? This Blue Heron pair seem to be courting. Great Blue's are monogomus for the year - but, switch partners each year.

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  • Duck Statue - mating pair

    Duck Statue - mating pair. These two ducks appear to be nestled together. She is looking into the eyes of her mate. The drake feather's are easily seen. The finish of the pair of ducks is an antique copper which has been electroplated. Even though the base is oval shaped there is room for a plaque.

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