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Shipping Info

International and USA shipping info.


Wall Street Gifts is proud to ship to 222 countries plus the USA and its territories. Yes, we ship all over the world, but if you are outside the USA, you will need to do a manual order. Please email orders@wallstreetgifts.com and provide all necessary info. We will calculate shipping and customs costs and create an invoice which we will email you. (We will gladly use your account with an international carrier.) If you agree to invoice amount, we can invoice you in PayPay or you can provide credit card info. We won't charge until you have agreed to amount of invoice. We are even having problems calculating costs to Canada. You may need to do a manual order too.

More info below.

Every year UPS & FedEx raises the cost of shipping. It's tripled in cost in past 10 years! We only charge what we pay UPS or FEDEX. The biggest change came in 2015. Just after Christmas 2014 both FedEx and UPS changed how they calculated shipping costs. Let me tell you behind the scenes - which is ugly. We've been in business for 20 years and both FedEx and UPS have used ACTUAL weight when calculating the cost to ship Ground until 2015. That means that our 8 inch piggy bank that weighs 3 lbs could ship in different size boxes - but because it weighed 3 lbs - that was the weight used to determine shipping cost.  ACTUAL weight. All that has now changed. Shipping cost is now determined by DIMENSIONAL or ACTUAL weight whichever is the heaviest. That means for our products that UPS/FedEx are using the size of the box to determine shipping cost. As an example, we take the 8 inch piggy bank and ship it in a box that measures 10 x 10 x 10. Well, guess what? UPS now says the weight is EIGHT pounds based on the size of the box. And, heaven forbid we use a 12 cube (12x12x12) UPS now says the weight is ELEVEN pounds. Remember the pig only weighs 3 lbs! But, you are now paying for 2-3 times more. Now, in 2018 UPS is raising prices again. Wall Street Gifts makes no money on shipping. We only charge what we are charged. If UPS software doesn't calculate correctly, you will be given a choice of paying the additional or cancelling the order. So, sorry for this inconvenience.

Shipping in USA

When counting days for delivery, do NOT include the shipping date. We ship from different USA locations. Some locations ship in a few hours, some ship in 2 or 3 weeks. To discover the estimated shipping time for the specific product you are purchasing, scroll down under the image of the product page. You will see ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS  "ships in 2 days", "ships in 5 business day" etc. In other words, you'll know when your order is expected to ship. Personalization typically delays shipping date by 2-7 days. Please read on the product page when we expect to ship. We try our best to give you accurate info. We normally ship UPS; however, we also ship FedEx and USPS based on shipping location and size of package.

UPS Ground Home - Residential Delivery. Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Excludes Holidays. No Saturday.

UPS Ground (Commerical) Delivery - Weekday ONLY

Include the COMPANY NAME and any SUITE number. Delivers to business addresses Monday thru Friday by end of the business day. Home delivery is typically $5 more expensive than commercial delivery. You can have the package shipped to a commercial address to save money. No Saturday delivery for Ground - residential or commercial.

UPS Early AM - Overnight by 8 AM - Weekday ONLY

Delivers by 8 AM next business day Monday - Friday. Time of delivery dependent on your zip code and business hours. No Saturday delivery. Not available in Hawaii or Alaska. Only available for commercial addresses.

UPS Next Day Air – Overnight by 10:30 AM - You can request Saturday

Delivers by 10:30 AM next business day Monday - Friday to most U.S. addresses; before 5 PM in remote areas. You can request Saturday delivery and pay an additional fee of $12.50 per PACKAGE. Saturday delivery will arrive by 1:30 PM. Delivery to Alaska or Hawaii may take 2 business days. Available for both home and commercial addresses. If you want Saturday delivery, tell us in the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS box. You will be charged separately.

UPS Next Day Air Saver – Overnight by 4:30 PM - Weekday ONLY

Delivers by 3 PM next business day Monday - Friday to most U.S. addresses; by 4:30 PM to rural areas. No Saturday delivery. Hawaii and Alaska may take 2 business days. Available for both home and commercial addresses.

UPS 2nd Day - You can request Saturday

Delivers by 4:30 PM in 2 business days to businesses, by 7 PM to residential. M-F. You can request Saturday delivery and pay an additional fee of $12.50 per PACKAGE. Available for both home or commercial addresses. If you want Saturday delivery, tell us in the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS box. You will be charged separately.

UPS 3rd Day - Weekday ONLY

Delivers to businesses by 4:30 PM and residences by 7 PM, in 3 business days M-F. No Saturday delivery. Available for both home or commercial addresses.


If you change the delivery address after shipment, you will be charged an additional $15..

UPS does NOT ship to P.O. Boxes or APO although many post offices provide a physical address and will accept UPS or FedEx. Please use the physical address to accomplish this.

We will ship using your UPS/FedEx account if you wish. Tell us your # in the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS box.


Shipping via USPS

We do not recommend USPS, but sometimes you have no choice – and it can be less expensive to some locations. The biggest disadvantage to USPS is what happens if something goes wrong. If you receive a damaged item shipped via USPS, YOU have to go to your post office to file claim. The Post Office refunds YOU - we don't. With UPS we can file the claim - not USPS. Plus, UPS settles claims in a week and USPS says 45 days. But, if you want - for smaller packages and certain locations USPS will save money. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam

For USPS you MUST request USPS in the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS box. It is not possible to ship ALL products via USPS. If you ask, we will try to ship via USPS (United States Post Office)We realize that shipping USPS to these locations is normally cheaper than UPS. The Cart will charge you the UPS shipping cost. Once your package is shipped, we will credit you the difference in shipping cost. However, if the box is large, it is NOT cheaper to ship USPS – it can be 2 or 3 times more expensive. If that’s the case, it is cheaper to ship UPS. But, in order to ship UPS we need a physical address. Because of the extra work, you will be automatically be charged a $5 handling fee for any order requesting USPS. You can list the alternative address in the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS box. 


All APO shipments are made via USPS. Prices can be crazy so please monitor your email. We appreciate all that our military does for us and we wish APO shipments were a lot easier. If you have a physical address for shipping, it works out much better. APO can take a week or more to get shipped.

MINIMUM SHIPPING cost is $8 per shipment


Shipping to Canada - 

We ship UPS Ground to Canada unless you request otherwise. If you are shipping to Canada, please read this info.  

Your total cost is:

Cost of merchandise + Plus 5% GST + Plus PST (0-13% dependent on your province) + Plus Brokerage Fee

Plus Shipping

We do not ship without payment in full. 

You can calculate the costs of your order by continuing to read. Amounts are calculated in Canadian dollars, but are paid in U.S. dollars.


GST (Goods and Service Tax) - Additional 5% customs fee based on price of item ($100 x 5% = $5)

PST (Provincial Sales Tax) – based on your Province.

Provincial Sales Taxes

Separate Provincial Sales Taxes (PST) are collected in the provinces of British ColumbiaSaskatchewanManitobaOntarioQuebec, and Prince Edward Island. Goods to which the tax is applied varies by province, as does the rate. Moreover, for those provinces whose provincial sales tax is applied to the combined cost and GST, provincial revenues decline or increase with respective changes in the GST.


rate (%)

combined fed./prov. rate (%)





  • Alberta has no provincial sales tax

British Columbia



  • Officially known as the Social Service Tax [1]
  • Reduced from 7.5% Oct 2004
  • Alcohol is taxed at 10% [2]




  • Reduced from 7% on 28 October 2006 [3]
  • There is a separate 10% liquor consumption tax








  • PST is usually 8%, but is 5% on lodging, 10% on entertainment and alcohol at restaurants, and 12% on alcohol at retail stores [4]




  • Provincial rate is nominally 7.5%, but is also applied to the federal 5% GST so effectively 7.875%

Prince Edward Island



  • Provincial rate is nominally 10%, but is also applied to the federal 5% GST so effectively 10.5%

New Brunswick


*Harmonized Sales Tax includes provincial tax and GST

Newfoundland and Labrador


Nova Scotia



HST  (Harmonized Sales Tax)  - based on an agreement between the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and the federal government, GST and PST taxes were combined into a flat rate of 13% for the three participating provinces which is known as the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Brokerage Fee – This is amount paid to customs broker. If you would like to use your own broker, please specify that in the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS box.

We are NOT receiving money for either the brokerage fee or the tax. YOU will be paying for brokerage fee and tax upon arrival.