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Wall Street Gifts

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  1. Keychain has Clock FREE name

    Keychain with Clock.

    FREE personalization. 

    A great combination. Very useful and unique. It is made of solid metal and features a silver matte finish to give it an added sparkle. Area available 1 x 5/8 inches and is located above the clock. Logos extra. You can also purchase without any personalization.  

  2. Globe Clock 10" Customize

    Globe Clock with Base. 

    This black globe sits atop an analog clock and measures 9 inches high. Globe is 4 inch (100 mm)

    The globe's countries and capitals are set off in bright colors against the black-ocean background. It also shows international boundaries, military demarcation lines, undefined international boundaries, and regional boundaries.

    The clock has a golden face and Roman numerals. The globe spins within a golden stand. You can personalize with a plaque. 

    How to Personalize with a BS Plaque

  3. Crystal Globe Pen Set 9" Customize

    The solid crystal globe is etched with latitude and longitude indicators as well as the continents. The meridian has a gold finish. The base is made of solid wood and has a dark mahogany. It has had 7 coats of laquer which gives it a high quality, piano-type finish. Gorgeous.

    A color combination like this will easily fit into any decor. You can customize with a plaque, 3.5 inch x 1 inch. It can handle 4 lines of text. Ships in blue presentation box with satin lining.


    How to Personalize with a BS Plaque

  4. Time Is Money. Therm-Baro-Clk Pen Set with Racing Horses 12"

    Time Is Money with Racing Horses.

    Not only beautiful, this item is multifunctional as well. A clock, thermometer and barometer are encased in the base, framed in a golden brass, and a brass pen sits on top behind the two racing horses.

    Two solid alloy jockeys in antique bronze finish race toward the finish line.  A unique gift.

    How to Personalize with a BS Plaque

  5. Jockey on Horse Pen Customize

    A champion! With jockey astride this horse is set to win. The jockey rises above the saddle, feet secure in the stirrups. The horse sculpture is represented with three feet on the ground, one front hoof in mid stride. The horse and jockey have a shiny silver finish, and sit next to a silver brass pen, 

    Jockey on Horse Pen Holder can be personalized on the beveled crystal base.

    How to Personalize with BS custom

  6. Rearing Horse Frame 9" Add Name

    This beautifully crafted horse sculpture is a work of art as well as a handsome frame. The statue is a bronze colored horse standing on its hind legs.

    The black base looks like rocky ground. The front legs of the horse are balanced on both sides of the glass frame. A 4 inch x 6 inch photo fits inside the frame. 

    How to Personalize with JY BK Plaque

  7. Jade Glass Pen Set 3" Customize

    This alluring pen set is made from jade glass. It has a beveled cut front. The look for a professional. The jade glass gives off a soft greenish accent around the sides. It also makes any text or image stand out more. The center of the base is available for personalization. A logo would be perfect here. Additional text could be placed on the very front (as shown in the image.)  Pen is included.

  8. Black Crystal Pen Set 7" customize

    The Black Crystal Pen Set has two pens. Designed to match any surface you put it on, you can customize.  Image shows personalization on top of base between the two pens.

  9. Crystal Pen Set & Business Card Holder 5 inch

    With a clear crystal base and beveled front, the Crystal Pen Set & Business Card Holder gives it that office professional look.

    Mounted on top of the base is a crystal business card holder and a pen set. Like the base, this is an area that is ideal for personalizing with company logo or company motto for example. The pen set includes a pen and has a subtle, striped silvery sheen with gilt accents, and a German Hauser ballpoint refill is included. The pen set is wrapped in satin and shipped in a nice presentation box.

  10. Up Close Bull Photo 20x16" Framed exclusive

    An awesome image, we named Up close and personal.

    New York's most beloved bull is shown in this Wall Street picture. This bull is kissed and petted more than any other bull!!! Tourists arrive from all over the world to touch this "lucky" bull.

    This picture was taken by an employee of Walll Street Gifts who had a difficult time getting a photo because of all the people that continually surrounds the bull. It is behind glass in a 16" x 20" black frame ready to be hung on your wall.

    Click to read Wall Street Bull Story.
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 147 total

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