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Letter Openers and Magnifying Glasses

Many can be Personalized with Logo or Name

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Letter Openers & Magnifiers

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  1. Silhouette Letter Opener

    This classy "Silhouette" letter opener features a plain sleek handle. It measures 7.25 inch in length. It has a bright shiny nickel plated finish that will not tarnish. The handle can be monogrammed to personalize this gift. White gift box.

  2. Magnifier Paperweight 3 Inch

    This small 3 inch paperweight is perfect for personalizing with your company logo; a message or a slogan that you may want to have added to it.

    Magnifier Paperweight. Clearly Magnificent! The domed shape causes anything underneath to be magnified as though looking through a magnifying glass. Shipped in a nice presentation box.

  3. Bull and Bear Magnifying Glass and Paperweight

    Bull and Bear Magnifying Glass and Paperweight. It's a hidden magnifying glass! Yes, this desk item looks like a bull and bear paperweight - then it opens and it is a magnifying glass. You have a two-fer!  Looks like Silver - its chrome plated surface is tarnish proof. This stock market gift is quite utilitarian and makes a great gift.

  4. Tiger's Eye Bull and Bear Letter Opener

    The handle of this bull and bear letter opener is made of tiger's eye marble - a marble with flecks of brown and golden.

    A brass bull and bear have been added to the handle's decor. Even with all the new technology - we still use letter openers. Who wants a paper cut on their finger?

    Wall Street Gifts offers 10 desk items made from tiger's eye marble.

  5. White with Lime Green Accents - 3 piece Desk Set

    Business Card Holder, Pencil Holder, Letter Opener.

    Very unique Desk Set. These 3 pieces are all made of wood, then painted stark white with lively lime green accents. The letter opener has a polished brass blade with a wooden handle.

    You can customize the business card holder - imprint area available is 2.5 inch 0.75 inch.

    You can also personalize the pencil holder. Imprint area 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch. 

    How to Personalize with a BS Plaque

  6. Our Global World includes Pencil Holder, Letter Opener, Biz Cd Holder

    The etching that encircles the holder has individuals with arms outstretched touching hands. There are 3 pieces in this Desk Set.  Made of wood with a matte mahogany finish.

    The Pen Holder can be customized with an imprint area 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch.

    The Business Card Holder has an imprint area 2.5 inch x 0.75 inch. T

    The letter opener cannot be customized. 

    How to Personalize with a BS Plaque

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6 Item(s)