Additional Info

Additional Info

Dimensions 17.5 inch W X 4 inch D X 5 inch H
Material Wood
Additional Info Ships in 1-2 business days.
Type of Box Presentation Box

Teamwork Aboard - Dragon Boat 17 inch

Teamwork is illustrated with this beautiful Dragon Boat.

It's been 2,500 years since the Chinese began having Dragon Boats. They can be any length, but the crew sits side by side. Only paddles are used and they are NOT attached to the boat. See how easily these twenty-two figures slip through the water as they strive toward a common goal. The boat is made of solid rosewood with solid alloy accents for the dragon's head and tail. The figures onboard are also solid alloy and represent twenty men working in unison. To help coordinate the strokes, a coxswain is positioned in the bow of the boat facing the crew. Standing at the stern of the boat is the helmsman who steers the craft toward victory. Dragon Boat races are quite popular now - and a global sport. Recent world champions include: Hungary, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic and USA.

A plaque is possible. You can see in the photo where it would be placed. The plaque can be even longer than shown. We have done a 12 inch plaque that is 1 inch high including two logos. We were even able to paint a part of the logo. If you need help, you can email or call 603-718-1632.

A beautiful piece will make quite a statement.

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Default font: Arial - CHINESE font available

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