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Material Ceramic
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Dimensions 6 inch H

Wilderness Roundup - Trail of Painted Ponies

We were the 1st site to sell Trail of Painted Ponies on the Internet, We created a web store,, just for these horses. We have a handful of these ponies we are now listing for sale. 

Wilderness Roundup was introduced Summer 2004 - 13 years ago. it was retired 3 years later, July 2007. Our horse is 1E/1126. The last horse was #4E/1788. Artist is Mitzie Bower.

Wilderness Roundup - Trail of Painted Ponies. Sadly, movers threw away the box and tag of this pony. It's been wrapped in bubble wrap for years. The animals I identify on Wilderness are: bluebird, rabbit, deer, cougar, fish, woodpecker, big horn sheep, owl, butterfly, frog and badger.  Animals I'm guessing I see are: quail, dragonfly, mountain lion, parrot.  That's 15 animals! Who would have thought so many animals could be painted on ONE horse!

The challenge of creating a wonderful work of art on a large scale, and not allowing her disability to limit her imagination, motivated Mitzie, wheelchair bound after suffering a spinal injury during a gymnastics event at age 17, to paint a Pony. Hoping to communicate the "inner connection we share with all living creatures," she rounded up "a dazzling menagerie" of animals "in a changing seasonal environment." Over a year in the making, Mary's Painted Pony is an extraordinary achievement that carries this message: "Enjoy her beauty, follow your dreams, and believe in yourself."

The first number on the bottom of the Painted Pony is the Edition Number. This number will have an “E” after it (example: 1E, 2E, 3E). The second number refers to the number of that particular Painted Pony in reference to the Edition that it was created in. This number will be between 1 and 10,000, since there are 10,000 Painted Ponies in each Edition. Our pony was the 1,126 one produced. Total produced was 31,788.

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